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Gut Instinct
April 15, 2015
©Jakkrit Orrasri, shutterstock.com

It seems like common sense. We want to keep our kids safe, healthy and germ-free.

For some parents – notably first-timers – safety and cleanliness is the holy grail of getting through childhood. Hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial cleaners and things like the ‘Steam and Go’ pacifier sterilizer are all part of a very successful marketing trend towards germ-free environments. Dirt, germs and bacteria have become bad words.

But we’re learning that this strategy hasn’t worked for our health – it’s only beneficial for the companies promoting these products. Not only is it impossible to be germ-free – just try to keep the dog’s bone out of your baby’s mouth once they start crawling – but trying to be germ-free is one of the biggest reasons, we suspect, that we’re experiencing a record-setting increase in many conditions such as allergies, asthma, autoimmune problems and obesity. Infections are becoming more difficult to treat and our ideas about wellness are being re-evaluated.

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